Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving: 10 Tips to Find Them

November 30, 2023

Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving: 10 Tips to Find Them

Moving is an expensive endeavour, with the average cost of moving house coming close to £12,000. With these kinds of costs it is not surprising that people try to find ways in which they can save some money. A way in which many people save money is through sourcing free cardboard boxes for moving.

Free cardboard boxes for moving. Image shows a person leaning over a cardboard box applying tape to it.

Finding free cardboard boxes for moving does help to make your move more economical but first, you have to find the boxes and second, you have to make sure they are a decent quality that are going to keep your belongings safe. 

Here we are going to talk you through our top ten tips for scoring free cardboard boxes for your upcoming move. 

But, first, we look at the reasons why using free cardboard boxes for moving is a good option. 

Why Look for Free Moving Boxes?

As we have already mentioned, moving house is expensive. On average it can cost nearly £12,000. Unless you are buying your first home, you are looking at a hefty stamp duty fee, estate agent fees to sell your old home, legal fees, house survey fees and removals fees. And this is all before you even begin thinking about decorating or renovating your new home to make it you own. Using free cardboard boxes for moving means you have one last thing you need to spend money on. 

Reusing boxes is also an excellent way to make your move more sustainable because you are reducing waste. Making sure to recycle your boxes, by giving them to someone else who is moving or placing them in the correct recycling bin will allow for an even more sustainable move. 

Top 10 Tips to Find Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving

Now we are on to our top ten tips for finding free cardboard boxes for moving. Finding free boxes is a great way to save some money and help the environment but it is still important to still get boxes that are sturdy and in good condition.

Start with Friends and Family

A great place to start is by asking your friends and family, particularly anyone who has recently moved home themselves. 

If you don’t have anyone in your immediate circle who has moved recently, it is still a good idea to ask them because people have a lot of deliveries nowadays and your friends and family will be happy to save their boxes for you. 

If they have already been used for a move, make sure to check them before you use them. Most boxes will be fine for a couple of moves but you want to make sure none of the boxes are damaged. 

Visit Local Shops

Your next port of call should be to go to local shops and speak with the managers. Shops such as supermarkets, bookshops, electronics stores will have an abundance of boxes which will be a good size for you to move. 

Check Online Marketplaces

If you don’t know anyone who has moved recently, you could ask on your social media platforms. Your best friend may not have moved in the last couple months but that guy you went to primary school with may have and he may be more than happy to give you his old moving boxes. 

If this fails, you could look at platforms such as Craigslist or Freecycle. Freecycle’s whole ethos is about reusing items and stopping things from ending up in landfills so there are bound to be some listings for free cardboard boxes. 

Inquire at Your Workplace

If you work in a shop, then inquiring at your workplace will lead you to a goldmine of free cardboard boxes for moving but even if you work in an office, there is a chance that you could find some good boxes at work. 

Offices will receive stationary and supplies in boxes so you are bound to be able to find some within your workplace. Make sure to speak with your supervisor or boss before you take any boxes but it is unlikely that they will have any issue with you taking them. 

Reach Out to Schools or Universities

Local schools and universities could also be a good place to ask. They will both receive frequent shipments of new equipment, textbooks, exercise books, food for the kitchens etc. 

They could be a very good source of free cardboard boxes for your move. 

Stop by Recycling Centres

Recycling centres will have a constant stream of cardboard boxes coming in so they would be an excellent place to enquire about getting some free cardboard boxes for moving.  

Look for Community Posts

You could also check community boards in your local library, community centre or laundrette for free cardboard box listings. 

If you don’t find one, you could place your own listing asking people to get in touch with you if they have any free cardboard boxes that you could have. 

Utilise Mobile Apps

There are also many mobile apps which are dedicated to sharing and swapping items that you could use to find free cardboard boxes for moving. 

Olio is one of these apps which allows people to save money, help the planet and build community. Download it today and see if you can find anyone in your local area with some free cardboard boxes. 

Ask Moving Companies

If you plan on using a moving company for your move, you could inquire about whether they offer used boxes for free or if you could get a low cost as part of your moving package. 

Visit our Box Shop (if all else fails)

If you try all of these places and you cannot find any free cardboard boxes for moving, then do not fret! Our Box Shop has a variety of cardboard boxes available and they are all study, multi-walled boxes making them perfect for your move. 

They are not free but with buying boxes from us you can have complete peace of mind that you are getting top-quality boxes which will keep your belongings safe and secure. 

Find your local Box Shop here

Prepare for a Stress-Free Move with Free Boxes

Using free cardboard boxes for moving is still an economical way of moving, alleviating some of the financial commitments which come with a house move. Using free boxes will help you to save money and it is an excellent way to have a more sustainable move. You will, however, still need to find good quality boxes so you must begin your hunt nice and early.

And if your hunt is not very fruitful, our Box Shop is here for you. 

Whether you find free boxes or you buy some, after you have finished with them please remember to recycle them or pass them on to someone else.

We wish you a stress-free move! 


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