Neighbours renovating? Our Bicester office space will help you find peace and quiet

April 21, 2023

Neighbours renovating? Our Bicester office space will help you find peace and quiet

Having noisy neighbours can be a nightmare but studies have shown that it can also be bad for our health. It has been known for some time that having to deal with constant noise can have an affect on our mental health with it being found to cause irritability and distress. Our Bicester office space will be of help. 

Bicester office space - image shows interior of office with a black desk and plant on the desk with pens and notebook, a green plant in the left hand corner of the room and a painting on the wall behind the desk

Impact sounds affecting our health

Having to deal with noisy neighbours can be annoying and extremely frustrating. A study conducted by Markus Müller-Trapet of the National Research Council of Canada has found that certain noises can also have an effect on your sleep and lead to cardiovascular problems. 

The type of noises that have been found to have the greatest effect on our health are called ‘impact sounds’. Impact sounds are characterised by “abrupt onset and rapid decay” which, in simpler terms, is when an object hits another object which then generates sound that travels through a building.

Examples of these sorts of sounds are banging, thudding, clanking and pounding. These sorts of sounds are believed to be a greater hazard to our health than continuous sounds such as a conversation or music. 

Impact sounds will happen throughout your day when your neighbour walks up and down stairs or if they drop something. It is a part of life. But, every so often, your neighbour will begin decorating or renovating their home.

If you have good neighbours they will come round and tell you what work is happening and when. With most building work taking place in the week, if you are out at work, you are unlikely to be bothered. 

But what if you work from home? 

After the lockdown, more and more people are now working from home. Between September 2022 and January 2023, 44% of workers reported that they were either working from home or doing hybrid working. 

Working from home and noise, particularly the banging and drilling of renovations, do not mix but where can you go? There is the obvious route of the cafe but this will have its own noises and many people find it very difficult to work with any kind of outside noise. 

If you aren’t good with the noise of neighbours renovating nor the noise of a cafe, renting one of our Bicester office space could be perfect for you. 

Peace and quiet from our Bicester office space

The most important thing our Bicester office space will bring you is peace and quiet.

 You will be able to have your own office, which you are completely free to make your own, and you will be able to give your work the focus it needs. 

Meet local people

Whether you are running your own business or working for someone else, renting one of our Bicester office spaces will allow you to meet local people.

From a business standpoint, this will be a great networking opportunity, allowing you to find people you could work with, who can offer you advice or simply a shoulder to lean on when it is all a bit too much. 

If you work from home for an employer, our offices will be a benefit to you too as working from home can feel very isolating for some people. Being able to come to a space in which you can meet new, local people will be of great benefit to your wellbeing. 

Flexible rental agreements with our Bicester offices space

If you are thinking of renting one of our Bicester office space due to the noise being created by your neighbours having renovations done, there will be an endpoint in sight, but renovations are notorious for taking longer than expected and if this happens to you then we will sort it so you can stay in your office space for longer. 

All our rental agreements, for our offices and storage, are flexible. We want our spaces to work for you and what you need. 

If you would like to know more, please give us a call on: 01869 254 245 or head to our click here to learn more

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