What Are Self Storage Units?

December 09, 2019

What Are Self Storage Units?

Storage Units can often be referred to as storage rooms, lockers, or containers (not to be confused with shipping containers!) Units are rented to store goods remotely, typically when people or businesses do not have the space to do so on their own premises.

According to Wikipedia “Self storage is an industry in which storage space, also known as “storage units” is rented to tenants, usually on a short-term basis.”

A variety of items can be stored in units to keep things safe: from spare clothes and furniture to business stock and equipment. Facilities are equipped with security cameras, alarms and access control to safeguard clients’ items and often provide 24-hour access. Anyone can use self storage – business owners (from large corporations to start-ups), families, students and house movers, to name just a handful.

Steel Storage suggest “Rented spaces are usually secured by the tenant’s own lock and key. Unlike a warehouse, employees of a self-storage business do not have access to the contents of the space, limiting the storage operator’s liability regarding the renter’s possessions.” Units can be used because they are convenient and there is no commitment to a long term contract.

Storage partitions are made from high tensile steel. Doors are made entirely from steel and are made with strength and security in mind. Self Storage is most often found on industrial and commercial land parcels.

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