The Cinch guide to decluttering your home

June 27, 2023

The Cinch guide to decluttering your home

Decluttering your home is a great way to also declutter your mind. Having a clean and tidy space can aid productivity and wellbeing. It can feel overwhelming at first when you look at the task ahead, but we have some top tips on how to use storage to declutter your home in a zen way. 

Decluttering your home - image shows a person putting a blue t-shirt into a cardboard box labelled 'Donate' and another cardboard box alongside is labelled 'Keep'

5 simple steps to decluttering your home

1. Make a plan

First things first, make a plan. Decide on your overall decluttering goal and then break this down into which room you are going to tackle first. 

Are you decluttering small items or big items? Do you want to keep them, but just simply need more space? No problem – self storage can help! 

2. Sort into piles 

With your small items it is a good idea to sort them into piles – have one ‘Keep pile’, one ‘Put in to storage pile’ and one ‘Donate pile’. 

The ‘Keep pile’ will be items that you definitely want to remain within your home. 

Having a ‘Put in to storage pile’ can be a great way to declutter all of the belongings you aren’t quite sure yet if you really want to hold on to. 

A ‘Donate pile’ is perfect for the pieces you don’t want to keep but are good quality and that can be a real help to those in need. 

3. Furniture you don’t want to part with? No problem!

Often decluttering can only mean small items such as clothing, books, toys etc. But sometimes we might purchase a new piece of furniture and want to replace an existing piece, but we may not want to part with it completely. 

Having your self storage unit will enable you to take any pieces of furniture that you don’t currently want in your home and store them in a safe place until you either decide to part with them, or keep them for your next home/re-arrange. 

4. Make space to work from home

With so many of us now working from home, space is even more of a premium. You may need to completely empty a room that is currently occupied in order to give yourself a dedicated office space. 

Creativity thrives in a tidy space, so it’s important to give yourself space to think and create. Having a decluttered work space will result in increased productivity. 

You may have even started your own business from home and now you are being overwhelmed by your stock and business items – deciding to get a storage unit and move your inventory in to it will give you the ideal space for work-life separation. 

Storage rooms are the ideal place for you to continue to grow your business and you can be certain your inventory will be kept clean, dry, safe and secure. And you will finally have your home back to a home! 

5. The closet hanger experiment 

Decluttering your home - image shows woman holding up a skirt in front of a wardrobe filled with clothes

Oprah Winfrey’s closet hanger experiment is a genius way to identify the clothes that you don’t wear often. When you wear something, put it back in your wardrobe with the hanger in reverse, this way you can clearly see what you wear and what you don’t. 

We understand that sometimes you just need more clothing space! Did you know that a storage unit can become your overflow wardrobe? With plenty of space for hanging racks – it’s the ideal solution to your seasonal wardrobe. 

Each season simply move out the clothes you don’t need to wear into your storage unit and then continue to swap your clothes in and out with each new season. 

How self storage works

Our friendly team are so knowledgeable about self storage that they will be able to talk you through all of your storage options when you are decluttering your home and find you the perfect size unit so that you can be certain you aren’t paying for space that you don’t need. 

Self storage is easy, here is how it works in 6 simple steps: 

  1. Select your storage unit
  2. Reserve your storage space 
  3. Move your belongings to one of our local storage facilities (our Cinch Van is FREE to hire when you move in can help with this) 
  4. Arrange your belongings in your storage unit
  5. Check-in to the facility and lock up your storage unit 
  6. Leave your unit and come back to access it whenever you need! 

How to organise your storage unit 

Firstly, it’s important to organise your storage unit logically. 

Put the items that you know you won’t need as often at the back of your unit and the ones you will need access to at the front – this way you can access what you need easily. 

If you can, leave space around the items so that you can access them easily and this will also encourage airflow. 

Use blankets, bubble wrap and other protective wrapping to keep your items in pristine condition. Ensure that your heaviest items are on the bottom and don’t stack anything on top that can create indentations or damage to the pieces below. It’s especially important to not stack things on top of leather items as this will cause indentations. 

Our stores have all the protective wrapping and storage accessories that you need!

Declutter your home - storage accessories - image shows wall of storage accessories including tape, marker pen, scissors and light switches

Benefits of Cinch Self Storage

You can be sure we only ever offer flexible contracts 

We pride ourselves on being local, offering local self storage to you 

We love to be part of the local community

We can provide you with your ideal storage solution – with many sizes to choose from

People love us for our convenient access hours 

You can use our Cinch van for FREE to help you move your belongings in

Our 5*-rated team are friendly, helpful and super knowledgeable about self storage, they also love a chat and are excited to help you!

Enjoy the process and the end result!

We hope this ultimate guide to decluttering your home will help make it an enjoyable experience and when you see the end-result you’ll be so thankful you started, happy decluttering! Get a quote for your declutter storage unit here. 

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