Self-storage Newbury – how to use self-storage to organise your home

January 23, 2023

Self-storage Newbury – how to use self-storage to organise your home

We have entered into a brand new year and new years bring on a desire in us all to start fresh with many people deciding to declutter and get their homes organised. 

Self storage Newbury - photo shows inside of storage unit with two people stacking boxes and the corridor of storage units to the left

We have entered into a brand new year and new years bring on a desire in us all to start fresh with many people deciding to declutter and get their homes organised. 

This is not really surprising as the Christmas period brings a lot of new items which we need to find space for. Along with this, Christmas takes us all out of our routines and organising your home is a great way to get back to feeling more normal. 

But organising your entire home is a big task and to stop yourself from getting overwhelmed it is a great idea to take it slowly and realise that you do not have to get it all done in one day. 

And have you considered storeganising? Using self-storage to help organise your home?

Here we tell you our top tips for an organised home and how our self-storage in Newbury will help.

Make a list 

Before you begin, make a list of everywhere you think needs organising and, if you want, you could arrange into the rooms which will be easier and the rooms which will be harder. Doing this will allow you to see how much you have to do and estimate how long it will take. You now have a plan of action for your decluttering which will really aid in stopping you feeling overwhelmed. 

Once you are done organising, make having a list a regular part of your life. They are a great way to keep track of what you need to do and what you need to prepare for the day, week and month ahead. 

Keep the list in a place where everyone can see it such as the kitchen. And it is a great idea to use a chalkboard or whiteboard as these will allow you to reuse them over and over making them much more sustainable than a paper pad. 

Do it one room at a time

We have already touched on this but it is crucial that you don’t go in all guns a’blazing and try to tackle your entire house in one day. Trying to do it like this will only leave you feeling overwhelmed and less likely to finish the task of decluttering. As we have already said, having a list and a plan of action is a great way in order to stop feelings overwhelm so make sure to do this first. 

Take your time and do it one room at a time. Whether you start in the easiest room or the hardest is entirely up to you but doing it one room at a time will stop you from getting stressed out and giving up your organising mission. 

If you have a big organising mission on your hands you can even break it down into smaller sessions – organising a set of drawers first, then your wardrobe etc. 

Keep surfaces clear 

Whether it is your kitchen worktops or your coffee table, try to keep surfaces as clear as possible as clutter has a habit of quickly breeding in places that already feel cluttered. 

A great way to do this in your kitchen would be to hang your utensils on the walls, make use of all the space by adding shelves to areas such as under the sink and by using sink caddies. In the living room, find items such as coffee tables that have storage areas or places where you can add storage boxes. It is also a good idea to have areas for everything such as a place to put your post, a hook to hang your coat and bag, a pot for all your pens. These are really simple ways to keep your surfaces clutter free and help make your home feel much more organised. 

Have a place for everything and label it all!

Giving everything a place of its own whether that’s in a specific storage box or jar will make life so much easier.

Once you have decided on where an item is going to live, put a label on it so it is clear to everyone what should be in this space. This will make it so much easier to put things away and make it so everyone knows where everything is. 

Be honest with yourself 

How long has it been since you wore that top? When was the last time you used that sleeping bag/coffee grinder/tent/slow cooker etc.? 

If the answer is over a year and the item’s use isn’t dependent on a certain season, it is time to be ruthless and take that item to a charity shop or, if you have a lot of items, do a car boot sale. 

We can all get very hung up on keeping things “just in case”  but this will only lead you to have a cluttered, disorganised home so it is important to ask yourself these questions and to be honest with yourself.

Ask before you buy

Another moment in which it is important to ask questions is before you buy new items. 

Do you really need it? Will you get plenty of use/wear out of it? Are you just buying it because it’s on trend? 

Asking yourself questions such as these will stop you from buying more items that fill up all the space you have made, making your decluttering pointless. 

Storganise – use our self-storage Newbury 

Our self-storage Newbury will be great for your organising mission. 

If you find yourself with a lot of items that you aren’t sure you still want or need but you are having trouble parting with them, you could store that in one of our storage units. This will give you the time to go through everything and make decisions about what you truly want/need. Also, once the item is out of the house, it may help you realise that you really don’t need it.

Our self-storage Newbury would also be a great place to store seasonal items. If you spend your summers camping but don’t go in winter, then you could bring your tent and all your camping equipment to us. Our units would also be a great place to store seasonal clothing as they are all clean and dry. 

Our self storage Newbury will be a great aid in getting your home organised and decluttered in 2023. 

If you would like to know more, please give us a call on: 01249 736 398 or head to our website.


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