Secure Self Storage: How Advanced Security Features Keep Your Items Safe

November 18, 2023

Secure Self Storage: How Advanced Security Features Keep Your Items Safe

There is a growing need for secure self storage, with many more people deciding to downsize their homes, start their own business or disappear for a few months on an adult gap year. Secure self storage allows people to do all this and more, knowing that their valuables are safe and secure. 

Secure self storage. Image shows a close up of a blue padlock on a blue door of a self storage unit, with other storage units along the corridor.

It is important that you choose secure self storage as they will have advanced security systems.  This will maintain high levels of security, protecting all of your belongings. 

Security in Self Storage Facilities

Finding secure self storage which has advanced security systems should always be crucial when you choose a storage facility. You have to know that your personal belongings or stock are being well taken care of and are fully protected. 

Without advanced security you cannot have any peace of mind that your belongings are safe. 

Key Security Features in Secure Self Storage Facilities

There are many different security features which you can find within storage facilities. It is important to look for a storage facility that has some or, even better, all these key security features. 

24/7 Video CCTV

Around the clock, 24/7 CCTV is a real must when you begin looking at storage facilities. Research and anecdotal evidence shows that CCTV is a deterrent to criminals. In a survey conducted with 12 ex-convicts it was found that seeing CCTV on a property was the biggest deterrent for them. 

It also means that any incidents will be documented, allowing the police to catch any offenders in a quicker and more efficient manner. 

At Cinch Self Storage, we have 24/7 CCTV around each of our storage facilities. 

High-Security Locks

There are many different types of high-security locks such as cylinder locks or disc locks. These types of locks will  make a storage facility safer. 

Cylinder locks are good because they offer high levels of security and offer a high level of protection against forced entry and tampering. 

Disc locks are round padlocks and the way in which they are designed means that they are highly resistant to being forced open and tampered with. 

It is important that you choose storage that has high security locks. 

Individual Unit Alarms

Having individual alarms on each storage unit adds an extra layer of security, which deters internal and external theft. 

Each of our storage units is fitted with an intruder alarm as we want to give our customers the peace of mind that their belongings are fully protected. 

Controlled Access

It is important to see how you will gain access to your unit. This will not only allow you to see how safe the facility is but also see how convenient the access will be for you. Many storage facilities require access codes or key cards in order to gain entrance to a specific unit or area. This creates a safe environment for customers as it restricts access to only the staff and the customers. 

We have a pin-code system in which each customer is given their own unique pin. This pin allows them access to their unit and only their unit, meaning everyone else’s unit will be safe and secure. 

Security Guards & Patrols

Within all storage facilities there will be a human presence at some point throughout the day as the staff will be in store during office hours. 

Some storage facilities also have on-site security personnel who perform scheduled patrols. This will add a further layer of security and will contribute to potential thieves being deterred. 

Fire Safety and Environmental Controls

It is important when storing things in self storage to know that your items will be protected from environmental factors and threats. Many secure self storage units are fitted with climate control features in order to protect your belongings from pests, damp and mildew. 

There is also a need for some form of fire safety. This can come in the form of fire alarms, smoke detectors or sprinkler systems. It is important that you inquire about the fire safety measures and environmental controls that are available at storage facilities. 

Within all our storage facilities, we have fire and smoke detectors fitted within each unit. And we keep all our facilities clean, dry and pest free. 

Well-Lit Storage Facilities

Lighting is an important part of having a secure self storage facility as having a well-lit storage facility will help to deter unauthorised activity. 

It will also make for a safer visit if you visit your units during the early hours or in the evening.

Insurance Options for Stored Items

It is important to see if the storage facility has insurance available as many household insurance policies do not cover storage units, no matter how secure they are. 

Many storage facilities will have their own insurance policy which will cover you in case of any mishaps or incidents. 

At Cinch Self Storage we offer our insurance policy to customers. This will cover you for water leakage, theft by forcible entry or exit, insect damage, lightning, fire explosion, earthquake, storm, flood and riot, amongst other things. Depending on the value of your items, it could cost you as little as £6.50 a week. 

Secure Storage: Your Sanctuary for Safekeeping Valuables

Secure self storage comes with many benefits but the main one is that you can rest assured that, no matter what you are storing within it, everything will be fully protected. 

With so many advanced security features available, such as CCTV and controlled access, it is not hard for any storage company to make their storage facilities safe and secure. Make sure you choose a storage facility that has put security as a top priority. This is the only way you will find a sanctuary for your valuables. 

If you think Cinch Self Storage could be that sanctuary, please head to our website to find your local store. 

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