Let me entertain you: Create the perfect entertainment room with our self-storage in Brighton

September 19, 2023

Let me entertain you: Create the perfect entertainment room with our self-storage in Brighton

An entertainment room might seem like something that you need to have a celebrity mansion for to even consider. But with the help of our self-storage Brighton, you can make it happen within your home. 

Self storage in Brighton. Image shows an entertainment room with orange chairs at a bar, shelves behind the bar with orange glasses stacked on them and blue cabinets within the room.

Picture the scene – you have had a long week at work and over the weekend you want to chill out. Maybe watch some of your favourite sport or play a video game. Learn a new song on your guitar or simply sit and read. 

If you live with other people, this is going to be quite difficult to do within the living room. Maybe they don’t want to watch Liverpool vs. West Ham or play Mario Kart.

If you live with a partner and share a bedroom, there will probably be interruptions if you camp out in there too. 

What you need is a room that is specifically dedicated to chilling out and doing the things you enjoy. What you need is an entertainment room

What is an entertainment room?

An entertainment room is exactly what it sounds like – a room in which you do all the things that entertain you. Think of it as an adult playroom. 

You can have a TV and set up your video game consoles, have a corner for your musical instruments, you can have a reading nook. You can even go big (if you have the space) and set up a pool table and maybe even a bar!

It is a room that is simply designed for fun. 

And because of that, many people don’t think they should really have one in their house. It feels all too indulgent. It’s something ludicrously wealthy people have. 

It is best if you place a double bed in your spare room for the guests you have come to stay a few times a year, right?

Wrong! Getting a good use out of your spare room is not indulgent or selfish. It’s your house and you deserve to have it exactly how you want it. 

But what if you don’t have the space? 

If you truly don’t have the space then unfortunately an entertainment room will just have to be added to your bucket list for your next home. 

But, if you have the space – whether it be a spare room, a garage or a loft – but the space is filled with clutter, our self-storage Brighton will be able to help make your entertainment room dreams a reality. 


On the whole, most people don’t enjoy decluttering but for the purposes of making an entertainment room, you only need to declutter one room so, automatically,  it is a slightly easier task. 

And the decluttering can be quite simple, you just need to come at it in an organised, structured way. One of the best ways to do it in this way is The Four Box Method

The Four Box Method 

The Four Box Method is where you get four boxes and mark them as: 

Keep – This will be all the things within the room that you use on a regular basis. Remember that in order to make your entertainment room, these items can’t stay cluttering up your spare room/garage/loft etc. so really consider whether you truly need/want these items. 

Give Away – These are all the items that you think a friend or family member may benefit from/like. Or the items that could be donated to a charity shop. You could also add items to this box that you could sell on eBay or Vinted but please make sure you actually go through with selling them. It would be too easy to put the box somewhere and then never get around to actually selling them. Make the commitment to sell and you will have some more funds for your new TV or pool table. 

Throw Away – This box is for all the items that you don’t want or need anymore but aren’t worth giving way or selling. You can also put items that are damaged or completely broken within this box. All the items that make you wonder why you kept them in the first place go in this box. 

Storage – In this box place all the items that you still want/need but don’t need on a regular basis. This could be items such as seasonal clothing or sporting equipment. You can also place items in this box that you aren’t sure about. Placing them in to storage will give you time to think about each item. 

Using our self-storage Brighton 

All the items that you place into the box marked ‘Storage’ can be brought to our self-storage Brighton

If you end up with quite a lot that you want to store with us, make an inventory of everything and then box it all up, labelling each box clearly. 

Once you know how many boxes you will have you can call one of our team members or come into store and we will help you find the right storage unit for you. 

Choosing the right storage unit with our self-storage Brighton

Our self-storage Brighton has units that start at 15 sq ft and go up to 150+ sq ft. 

If you aren’t sure about which unit will be right for you, our 5* rated team is ready to help. They will make sure that you rent the unit that is perfect for your needs, without having any excess space. 

Flexible contracts with our self storage Brighton 

If you are storing items in our self-storage Brighton that you aren’t sure about, you will be able to bring them to us and go through it all at your own pace. Also, you may find that once the items are out of the house you will realise that you really don’t want or need them.

It may take you longer or a shorter period of time to go through all this than you expected. With our self-storage Brighton this will not matter because our rental contracts are all short term and flexible. 

This means that if you realise you need your unit for longer, the team will help to make that happen. If you end up not needing your unit for as long as you thought, you are free to leave. We just need 14 days notice if your rental period isn’t up. 

Our self-storage Brighton is here to help you make your dream entertainment room a reality. Give us a call so we can start to make it happen: 01273 560 660 or click here for more information.  

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