How to Pick the Perfect Office to Rent in Seaford

March 26, 2024

How to Pick the Perfect Office to Rent in Seaford

When it comes to picking the right office to rent in Seaford, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. 

Within this article, we are going to talk you through these factors in order to help you find the perfect office to rent in Seaford for you. 

Office to rent in Seaford. Image shows an empty office space with white walls, large windows and wooden floor.

Assess Your Space Requirements

Firstly, you need to think about the size of the office you need. You, of course, need to think about the present moment but you also need to think about your plans for the future, particularly if you have plans to expand your team in the near future. It would be a good idea to look at offices to rent in Seaford that have flexibility within their rental contracts.

With our offices to rent in Seaford we offer completely flexible rental contracts which will allow your office to grow with your business. 

Set a Realistic Budget

Next, you need to think about your budget. If you plan to go for a traditional office space in Seaford, you will also need to think about hidden costs such as maintenance and utilities. These will not be a factor if you choose a co-working space, serviced offices or a managed office as they will be covered by the landlord/management company. 

Choose the Right Location

The location of your office is very important. You want it to be easily accessible for yourself, your employees and your clients or customers, depending on the type of business you have. This means that you need to consider the transport links which are close by. 

You will also want to try and find offices to rent in Seaford that are close to local amenities and services such as supermarkets, shops, cafes and banks. 

Cinch Self Storage Seaford is just a short six minute drive from Seaford town centre and we have a large amount of parking. It is a 30 minute walk from the railway station making it convenient for you and your employees no matter how they get into work.  

Decide What Type of Office to Rent

Once you have a budget in mind, you can begin looking at the different types of office spaces that are on offer. 

Managed Office

Firstly, there are managed offices. A managed office is similar to a serviced office, in that both provide flexible space that is operated by a separate party. The key difference is that a managed office requires greater input from the tenant, with the space itself a blank canvas that needs to be filled. A tenant must define their exact requirements, from the number of desks, chairs and meeting rooms etc., so that the provider can deliver exactly what is needed, effectively making a managed office a custom-built workspace. 

You will also normally be required to to term of 12 months but rather than pay per desk, a tenant pays for the amount of space they occupy

With managed offices, you will be in complete control of what the space looks like as it will be a completely blank canvas before you move in. 

If you are a more established business with a larger team, they can also prove to be much more cost-effective and the longer lease will add a form of stability. 

Also, it will only be you and your team within the space. You will not have to share any spaces such as the meeting rooms or break rooms. This will add an extra layer of safety and also make the space look more professional to any visiting clients.

Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are very much the norm for many businesses nowadays as they are much cheaper than other types of offices. This is due to there being less overhead costs as, when working from a co-working space, you share amenities such as WI-FI, printers and meeting rooms. Also, co-working spaces do not come with expensive, long-term leases. You pay monthly in order to work within the space. This is cost-effective and it also allows you to change offices as soon as you need to.

The cost-effective nature of these types of offices makes them very good for start-ups and freelancers. Freelancers, in particular, would also benefit from the ability to network with other local business owners within the shared space. 

Serviced Offices 

There are also serviced offices available.

These types of offices come fully furnished and equipped with amenities such as heating, lighting, electricity, office furniture and WI-FI. Also, they offer flexibility as you can choose the length of the lease. 

And with companies, such as Cinch Self Storage Seaford, you are free to leave or change your office space before your rental agreement has ended. They are also extremely cost effective and help you to meet your fellow local business owners, allowing for networking and collaboration.  

The cons of these types of offices are that, within some serviced offices, you cannot add any business branding so they may lack the personal touch that some businesses like. With our offices to rent in Seaford, we are happy for you to add your business branding and make the office look exactly how you want it to look. 

Understand the Rental Agreement

Before you sign any rental agreement for an office to rent in Seaford, you must read and make sure that you understand the rental agreement. If you choose to go for co-working or serviced offices, you will want to ask about the amenities and facilities that are included in the price. 

Once you have read the agreement, you may wish to negotiate some of the terms, such as adding in break clauses in case you need to leave the office before your lease is up. You will also want to discuss repair obligations. This will be particularly important if you go for a traditional office space. If you want to add your own branding or personal touch to the office, you will need to ask about your right to alter the property.

You must discuss all of this and make sure you and the landlord or company are all on the same page. Make sure that any terms you manage to successfully negotiate are put in writing and, before signing the rental agreement, you read it through thoroughly. 

At Cinch Self Storage Seaford, all our rental agreements are flexible, we will sort any repairs and we are happy for you to add branding to your office. 

How To Choose Your Seaford Office

When it comes to choosing the right office to rent in Seaford you first need to think about the amount of space you need and what your budget is. Once you know both these factors you can begin thinking about where would be a good location and what type of office will work best for your business. 

Once you have found your perfect office, make sure to go visit it and to read your rental agreement. 

There are so many benefits that come with an office to rent in Seaford but you have to make sure that you find the right office. We hope our tips have helped.

If you would like to know more about our offices to rent in Seaford, please give us a call on: 01323 924 163 or click here

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