How To Find The Right Office To Rent In Leighton Buzzard

January 24, 2024

How To Find The Right Office To Rent In Leighton Buzzard

If you run your own business in Leighton Buzzard, the chances are that an office space would really come in handy. Having a designated office space allows you to fully focus on your business and allows you to keep your house as your home. If you are looking for an office to rent Leighton Buzzard, this is the perfect article to read before you start looking because finding the right office is very important.

Office to rent in Leighton Buzzard. Image shows a man and a woman pointing on a laptop on a chipboard desk with a white office behind with windows in the back.

Within this article we are going to discuss all the important things you need to think about when looking for an office to rent Leighton Buzzard.

Understanding Your Business Requirements

Firstly, you need to think about your business needs, considering the nature of your business and how many employees you currently have or may have in the near future. There are many different types of office environments which are for very different types of businesses e.g creative spaces are very different to formal offices. You need to really think about what type of space will be best for you, your team and your business as whole. 

This will allow you to assess your space requirements and work out what size office to rent Leighton Buzzard you need to look for.

Identifying the Ideal Location 

The location of your office is very important. You want it to be easily accessible for yourself, your employees and your clients or customers, depending on the type of business you have. This means that you need to consider the transport links which are close by. 

You will also want to try and find offices to rent Leighton Buzzard that are close to local amenities and services such as supermarkets, shops, cafes and banks. 

Cinch Self Storage Leighton Buzzard is just a short walk and even shorter drive from Leighton Buzzard town centre. And it is very close to the railway station, meaning our offices to rent Leighton Buzzard are in an excellent location. 

Budgeting for Your Office to rent Leighton Buzzard 

Once you have figured out how much space you need and the ideal location, you now need to think about your budget.

Offices to rent Leighton Buzzard start at around £10.00 per square foot and go up to around £50 per square foot. You need to figure out how much you have to spend, whilst also taking into account utilities, cleaning and maintenance costs, if you plan on renting a private space or buying an office space. 

With our offices, everything is included in the price you are quoted when you first enquire. This includes – WI-FI, lighting, electricity, heating, the furniture and the office space itself. And we will take care of the maintenance.

Exploring Different Types of Office to rent Leighton Buzzard 

Once you have a budget in mind, you can begin looking at the different types of office spaces that are on offer. 

Traditional Office Space 

First, you could go for the traditional office space, which is a private commercial space, just for you and your team to work in. 

The pros of this type of office are that the space will be just for your business so you are able to set it up how you want it and have everything business related under one roof. You will be able to have a highly organised office space with minimal to no distractions. Having a private office space will also allow for a high level of data security as no one other than you and your team will be able to access the office. 

The cons of this type of offices is that they often come with a long-term lease, typically three to five years, and once the lease is signed, you cannot break the lease and move into a different office space. This can really hamper your business growth. There are also large maintenance costs as you will have to build and maintain things such as meeting rooms, desks, computers, laptops etc. 

Co-working Spaces 

Nowadays, co-working spaces are very much the norm for many businesses. 

The pros of this type of office are that there are less overhead costs because co-working spaces use shared amenities such as meeting rooms, printers, WI-FI etc. which save business owners huge amounts of money. Co-working spaces also do not have long-term leases. You can pay monthly, which allows you to change your office, if and when you need to. This will allow your office space to grow with your business. There is also a greater chance to network with other local business owners.

The cons of this type of office space is that they can be more distractions as they will be more people within the workspace. It could also create a more difficult working environment for some of your employees as some people need to work in a quieter environment. This is something that you should talk to your team about. 

Serviced Offices 

Finally, we have serviced offices. 

The pros of these types of offices are that they come fully furnished and equipped with amenities such as heating, lighting, electricity, office furniture and WI-FI. Also, they offer flexibility as you can choose the length of the lease. 

And with companies, such as Cinch Self Storage, you are free to leave or change your office space before your rental agreement has ended. They are also extremely cost effective and help you to meet your fellow local business owners, allowing for networking and collaboration.  

The cons of these types of offices are that, within some serviced offices, you cannot add any business branding so they may lack the personal touch that some businesses like. With our offices to rent Leighton Buzzard, we are happy for you to add your business branding and make the office look exactly how you want it to look.

Office Security 

Office security is also very important when it comes to looking for an office to rent Leighton Buzzard. You need to know that you can leave important documents or equipment in the office space and it will be safe and secure.

At Cinch Self Storage Leighton Buzzard, we have 24/7 CCTV around the entire facility. And we have pin-code access into the building which adds an extra layer of security. The pin-code you are given is unique and only allows you to access your office and/or storage space.

Lease Flexibility & Terms

It is important that you try to find an office to rent Leighton Buzzard that has flexible rental terms. Flexible rental terms and leases will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your office if and when you need to, allowing your office to always work with you and your business. You should also try and find an office to rent Leighton Buzzard that allows you to leave your rental agreement early, if you need to. 

With our offices you can do all this. If you do want to leave your office before your rental lease has expired, we just need 14 days notice. 

Finding an Office To Rent Leighton Buzzard

Finding the perfect office to rent Leighton Buzzard may take you some time but it is worth taking the time to work out exactly what you and your team need, your ideal location, your budget and the type of office that will work best for you. 

You want to be well-informed about what offices are out there before you sign any lease agreements. And make sure that lease agreement is flexible. This will allow your office space to alway work with your business needs.

Our office to rent Leighton Buzzard might be the perfect fit. Please give us a call on: 01525 219 899 or click here to find out more. 

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