Guide to Becoming an Expert Packer

February 14, 2018

Guide to Becoming an Expert Packer

This blog is here to help you become a genius in packing. It will enable your items to be extra secure in storage, whilst also making the storage collection as hassle free for you as possible.

– Use packaging boxes! Being able to stack boxes really helps reduce the amount of storage space required and saves you money.

– Choose the right box. Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books; and larger boxes for lighter items such as bedding.

– Don’t overload the boxes. Pack heavy items at the bottom to provide a stable base. Make sure the boxes remain square and don’t bulge at the sides, this way the boxes will stack better in your storage unit.

– Tape up your boxes, this will help your boxes maintain their structure and protect your items.

– Place any delicate items in their own cocoon of bubble wrap for added protection. The more layers of bubble wrap the better!

– Label your boxes! Although not essential for storage, it may save you time when need something later!

– Put any large soft items such as mattresses and sofa’s into covers. These cover’s act like sleeve’s and are excellent at keeping your items pristine as they come in and out of storage.

– Make items as small as possible so they comfortably fit in your storage unit. Reducing the size of bed frames we thoroughly recommend here.

– For large wooden items such as wardrobes and tables, just ensure everything is emptied from your drawers, and our removal blankets will keep your items safe in transit.

Our storage experts are always on hand to help with any questions you may have – please reach us on 01869 254 245 for any queries or to receive a quote. Alternatively our storage prices can be viewed online by visiting our pricing page.

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