Good mental health in the workplace: How our offices to rent in Chippenham can help

June 13, 2023

Good mental health in the workplace: How our offices to rent in Chippenham can help

Mental health is becoming an important and necessary topic within the workplace. Here we will guide you through some ways in which you can help your employees’ mental health. And how our offices to rent in Chippenham will help. 

Good mental health in the workplace: How our offices to rent in Chippenham can help. Image shows a man sitting at his desk smiling wearing a denim shirt and dark rimmed glasses.

Work and career are highly important to many of us. For some it is the ambition and drive to get to the top of their field, for others it is simply that they need to work in order to earn money and keep a roof over their heads, food in the cupboards, save for holidays etc. The amount of importance that we place on our work lives leads to it being unsurprising that 60% of workers surveyed by Sage HR said that they have experienced mental health issues in the past year due to work. 

Mental health is the leading cause of people being absent from work and it can affect productivity due to loss of concentration, a decrease in stamina and difficulty in carrying out day-to-day tasks. Studies have shown that when people are happier at work they are 20% more productive. 

If you want happy, healthy employees it is very important that you take the topic of mental health seriously. Here we will talk through some of the ways you can promote good mental health in your workplace and how our offices to rent in Chippenham can help. 

Talk to your employees

This may seem quite obvious but talking to your employees about anything that causes them stress at work or contributes to them feeling anxious or depressed will be a great help. This can be done via anonymous surveys or through focus groups. Doing these things will not only allow employees to let you know how they are feeling but it will open up the conversation around mental health. 

Knowing how your employees are feeling will allow you to implement change which will in turn allow you to create a happy, supportive work environment. 

Promote work/life balance with our offices to rent in Chippenham 

Work/life balance is vital for a person’s mental health and mental wellbeing. As the boss, it is important to put boundaries in place to help keep this balance intact. 

The boundaries that you put in place could be:

  • Not asking anyone to work overtime. 
  • Encourage  people to take breaks during their work day especially if they are working on screens all day.
  • Limit messaging people about work after work hours or on days off.
  • Have a space in which people can come into work, leaving their house as a home.

We are in a different working world, with many people working from home and loving it. Some people, however, need the structure of an office as it allows them to socialise with colleagues and to better switch off when they get home. Our offices to rent in Chippenham will be the perfect solution as you can rent a space that people can go into if and when they need to. 

Promote flexible working 

Flexible working is an excellent way in which to promote better mental health as it will allow your employees to work in a way that is best for them. Not everyone works best in the regular 9-5 and giving them the freedom to work when they work best will increase productivity, happiness and further increase their work/life balance.

Flexible working will also allow them to access mental health resources when they need to and do the things that make them feel better such as going on walk or attending an exercise class that they may miss when working 9-5. 

This style of working will also show that you trust your employees to get on with their jobs which will increase good feelings around the work they are doing. 

Many employers who have adopted this style of working, do also have an office space for those that work better in an office environment. Our offices to rent in Chippenham will be perfect as they are fully equipped with everything you need to get on with your work straight away. 

Show gratitude for your employees 

Gratitude for the work your employees do is an extremely easy way to raise morale and mental wellbeing within an office. Employees feel more valued and appreciated when you express sincere gratitude for their hard work. 

Having some extra benefits for good work is also a great way in which to show how much you appreciate all they do for you and your company. 

Mental wellbeing is an important part of the working world and we hope our tips have helped you to begin making your workplace better for everyone. 

If you feel our offices to rent in Chippenham will help, please give us a call on: 01249 736398 or click here for more information.  

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