Essential Packing Tips for Storing Fragile Items

November 02, 2023

Essential Packing Tips for Storing Fragile Items

Packing and storing fragile items can be quite a challenge as they are so easy to break or damage. 

At Cinch Self Storage, we are trusted by many of our customers to offer them a secure storage solution. Here we are going to talk you through the best way to pack fragile items for storage and how you can trust that, if you store with us, your belongings will be protected. 

Storing fragile items. Image shows a blue tape gun, boxes, packaging filler and a glass on a brown wooden slatted table.

Understanding the Value of Proper Packing

Proper packing is essential for all items that you plan on placing into storage but it is even more vital when it comes to packing and storing fragile items. 

Potential Risks in Inadequate Packing

There are a multitude of potential risks that can come from improper packing of fragile items. Items can become damaged or broken beyond repair. This will not only create monetary losses but it can also have an emotional cost if sentimental items are broken.  

The Assurance of Storing with Cinch Self Storage 

When it comes to storing fragile items with Cinch Self Storage you can have complete assurance that your belongings will be protected. Each of our facilities is extremely secure with 24/7 CCTV and state-of-the-art alarm systems on each unit. 

Our teams are also on site during office hours and they are happy to help you to move into your unit and answer any questions you may have. 

Key Packing Supplies for Fragile Items

Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts

Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are the perfect partners when it comes to packing and storing fragile items. 

Bubble wrap is designed to cushion fragile items to prevent them from breaking and it is great for using on items that have breakable parts or surfaces that could be easily scratched. 

Packing peanuts are designed to fill up space within boxes which, again, provide a cushion for fragile items whilst also providing some shock absorption. 

Sturdy Boxes

Choosing high-quality boxes is also very important as you know that you can depend on them to offer your fragile items further protection. 

Within our Box Shop, we sell high-quality multi-walled boxes which are strong and sturdy. The multiple walls help prevent them from collapsing or becoming damaged as they are moved around. 

Packing Tape and Labels

In order to protect your fragile items even more, it is important that you use good quality packing tape that will keep each of your boxes securely sealed. 

It is also very important to properly label each of your boxes. Write, in as much detail as possible, what is in each of your boxes and what room the items have come from. This will allow for easier identification when it comes time to remove them from storage and take them back home. 

Make sure to also label it ‘FRAGILE’. This will help people see that they need to take extra care with this box. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Fragile Items for Storage

Proper packing before storing fragile items is essential. It is the only way that you can guarantee that nothing will be damaged or broken in transit or whilst in your storage unit. 

Here we will take you through how to properly pack fragile items. 

Preparing the Box

As we have already stated, it is very important that you choose strong, sturdy boxes. It is very easy to try and save some money by using second-hand boxes you’ve retrieved from work or got for free from a local supermarket or shop after their delivery, but this could lead to you using damaged or poor quality boxes for your most fragile items. 

Before you begin packing your sturdy boxes, consider what you are going to put into each one. You do not want to make them so heavy that you risk someone dropping one. 

You may want to consider lining the boxes with bubble wrap in order to add an extra layer of protection. 

Wrapping Fragile Items

When it comes to wrapping fragile items, it is important that you wrap each item individually, based on its own shape and size. This also means removing any loose pieces such as lids and wrapping these separately too. 

Bubble wrap is excellent for wrapping fragile items and, once the item is wrapped, secure it with tape to make sure it does not come unwrapped. 

Box Filling and Layering

When it is time to begin putting items into the boxes, put the heaviest and largest items in first. This will stop smaller, lighter items from being squashed. 

Sealing and Labelling

Use plenty of good quality packing tape to ensure that the boxes stay sealed whilst in transit to the storage facility. 

It is important to label each box with what is inside it to make it easier when it comes to unpacking but it is also important to mark it clearly with the word ‘FRAGILE’. This will make it clear to everyone who is dealing with the boxes to handle this box with extra care. 

Special Tips for Specific Fragile Items

Some fragile items require even more care when it comes to packing them ready to store. 

Glassware and Chinaware

With glassware and chinaware, you must wrap each piece individually with bubble wrap or packing paper. 

If you are packing plates, these should be placed on their sides in the box because they are stronger standing up. 

With glasses and cups, you place these into the boxes the same way you would place them on your table. 

Fill any gaps with packing peanuts and seal the boxes securely with packing tape. 

Artwork & Mirrors

When packing artwork, first you should wrap it in non-acidic paper and then wrap it in bubble wrap. For the best protection, place it in a box that is slightly larger than the artwork itself. 

With mirrors, it is a slightly longer process but it will help to keep your mirrors safe. Firstly, you may want to tape your mirror. This is where you create an X on the mirror glass and then create a grid across the entire face of the mirror. It is believed this will strengthen the glass. 

Next, place corner protectors on the corners and you may want to place a layer of cardboard on the glass front. Now you are ready to begin wrapping your mirror. For extra protection, it is a good idea to use a variety of packing materials such as packing paper and bubble wrap. It is now ready to be placed into a sturdy box and sealed ready for moving.

Electronic Devices

With electronic devices, your first port of call should be to back up any laptops, computers etc. onto hard drives and then remove any batteries so they don’t overheat and leak. 

Then it is time to wrap. Wrap items in bubble wrap and if it is an item with a screen, you may want to add a towel or blanket to that area. Now place the items into boxes, making sure to add packing peanuts, extra bubble wrap or more towels/blankets to cushion all the items. 

Choosing Cinch Storage for Your Fragile Items

When it comes to storing your fragile items, you should choose Cinch Self Storage because we can take care of you and your items from start to finish. 

We will be able to provide you with your packing material and boxes via our Box Shops. Our teams will be here to help find you your perfect storage unit and that unit will be a completely secure place to store your fragile items. We have alarms and fire and smoke detectors on every unit and each of our stores is covered by 24/7 CCTV. 

Packing Fragile Items For Storage

When you are storing fragile items, proper packing is imperative. It is the only way in which you can make sure that your items are protected from being broken or damaged. 

Make sure to use the proper packing materials and to choose the right type of storage facility. One of our Cinch Storage facilities will be ideal. If you would like to know, please head to your website to find your local store. 


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