7 Camping Equipment Storage Tips

May 03, 2024

7 Camping Equipment Storage Tips

If you love camping, you will be aware of how much equipment you need to make a camping trip great – tent, camping stove, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping pillows, camping chairs and we could go on and on. And on! When it comes to storing all this equipment you need to do it in the right way so all your camping equipment is ready for your next trip. Getting camping equipment storage right is easier than you think. 

7 Camping equipment storage tips. Image shows a green tent in the background and silver flasks, a mug and crockery on a camping table in the foreground.

Within this article we are going to tell you about some of our top tips for camping equipment storage so your equipment is ready for every single camping trip. 

Tip 1: Clean Equipment Before Storage

When putting anything into storage, it is really important to clean it beforehand but it is extra important to clean camping equipment as it likely has mud or other natural materials on it that could be harbouring insects that could eat away at items such as your tent. Cleaning it all will also prevent mould and rust damaging items. 

How to clean each item will be dependent on the item but when it comes to cleaning a tent, you will first want to unzip it and turn it inside out so you can shake out any debris that is within it. Next, you will want to scrub any super dirty areas with a sponge or cloth and mild dish soap. Once you have scrubbed these areas, you will want to fill a large tub or utility sink with cool to lukewarm water and add a cleaner specifically designed for washing outdoor gear. Immerse the inside-out tent and let it soak. Then, you will want to drain the tub and refill it with clean water and place the tent back in until all the soap is gone. Finally, pitch your tent in a shaded spot so it can dry. This will take several hours so make sure you check the weather. 

It is also very important that you make sure that all your camping equipment is dry before you put it into camping equipment storage. 

 Tip 2: Choose the Right Camping Equipment Storage Location

When it comes to picking the right storage location, there are some areas that you should avoid. These include places that are damp and musty so garages and basements could be a no-go area.

Within your home it can sometimes be best to use shelving or a cupboard within a room that has some form of temperature control. 

Tip 3: Organise Equipment Efficiently

When it comes to storing your camping equipment in an organised manner, you will want to think about investing in a camp gear storage box or in some plastic, air-tight containers. 

You may want to categorise the plastic containers into things such as kitchen gear or sleeping gear. 

If you only live in a small home, you may want to add shelving to a room so you can utilise the vertical space. 

Tip 4: Protect Sensitive Equipment

When it comes to storing items such as your tent, it is recommended that you don’t store them in stuff sacks or within bags. It is best to either loosely roll or hang it up in a cool, dry place away from any UV light. 

Your sleeping pads and bags should also be hung vertically, if you can and have the space. This will stop the insulation from becoming matted or clumping together which lowers its heat trapping capabilities. 

Tip 5: Utilise Self Storage Facilities

If you do not have much storage space at home, a self storage unit will be an excellent place for your camping equipment storage. A self storage facility will give you a lot of size options so you will be able to store all your equipment within the facility. It will also be ideal for long-term storage in Winter when you won’t be doing much, if any, camping. 

When it comes to choosing the right self storage facility, you should be on the lookout for high-quality security systems, such as intruder alarms and 24/7 CCTV, flexible rental agreement and teams who are always ready to help and offer advice. We are happy to report that our stores have all of these. 

Tip 6: Use Climate-Controlled Storage for Valuables

If you are worried about items getting damaged, you could opt for climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage is fitted with systems such as heating, air conditioning and ventilation which helps you to control the temperature and humidity levels so it can prevent your camping equipment from growing mould or mildew. 

If you have followed Tip #1 and cleaned and dry your equipment, this shouldn’t be a problem anyhow, but it could give you some extra peace of mind that your camping equipment is safe from damage.  

Tip 7: Regularly Inspect and Maintain Equipment

No matter where you have your camping equipment storage, you will want to make regular checks to it. This will ensure that it is safe from damage and, if there are any issues, they will be found quickly. 

These regular checks will ensure that your camping equipment is always trip ready. 

Maximise the Lifespan With Proper Camping Equipment Storage

Proper camping equipment storage will ensure that your camping equipment stays in good condition and is always ready for your next trip. Before placing any of it into storage, you need to make sure that it is clean and dry and then you organise it into categories and containers. Once it is all organised, you will want to decide where you want to store it. This could be within your home or within a self storage facility. Just make sure that where you choose is free from damp and UV light. 

We hope you have found our tips helpful and if you would like to know more about our self storage, please click here to find your local store. 

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