10 top tips for moving house using our house move storage Enfield

February 10, 2023

10 top tips for moving house using our house move storage Enfield

Whether you have moved house a hundred times or you are about to embark on move #1, moving house never really gets any easier. Here’s how our house move storage Enfield can help: 

house move storage Enfield - photograph shows a couple holding a packed up moving box between them, with the rest of the room packed up in boxes

It is a stressful endeavour with a lot of decisions to be made and jobs to be done. 

We cannot remove all the stress but here we have compiled our 10 top tips for making a house move slightly easier. 

1. Decide on who is doing the packing 

There are many companies out there who are available to come and pack up your home for you. This is a decision that will have to be made early as many of the most reputable will book up fast, particularly in busy periods such as the summer months. 

2. Have a declutter

Before packing commences, have a good declutter of your home. Depending on how long you have lived in the house, there is a good chance you accumulated a lot of stuff. A lot of which you will not want to move into your new home. 

Do it room by room and place items into a Keep pile, a Throw Away pile and a Give Away pile.

If you have a lot of things that you aren’t sure about, this would be a great time to consider self storage. Our house move storage Enfield would give you space to go through all these items when you have the time. It will also give you time without the items so you can really see what you want/need. 

3. If you are packing, invest in good boxes

If you decide to pack yourself, the first port of call is to find high-quality cardboard boxes so you know that all your belongings will be safe. 

The boxes that are available in our Enfield Box Shop are all strong and multi-walled which will keep your belongings safe. 

4. Start packing early

Start packing as early as you possibly can so it is not a rushed process with you still packing on moving day.

Do it a room at a time, starting with rooms that you can do without for a week or so. 

5. And pack smart

Make sure that you don’t make any boxes too heavy to lift safely. But don’t leave any boxes half empty! This can lead to items moving around within the box which could lead them to breaking.

Get your supplies, use items like bubble wrap on breakable items such as glass and dinner plates. 

6. Label everything

As you pack each and every box, put a label on it. Put what room the items are from on the label and be as detailed as possible about what’s in it. 

7. Keep an essentials box over to one side

Place items such as your kettle, tea bags, snacks, phone chargers, toothbrush etc. all together in a separate box or bag which you can either take with you to your new house or put last on the moving van so it is the first one out. 

This will help make the move nicer as you will be able to stop and have a cup of tea and some food. It is really important that you allow yourself to have breaks. 

8. And keep all your important documents with you

Make sure to keep important documents such as your passport with you at all times. You do not want these items getting lost during the move. 

9. Have everything ready to be loaded before moving day

Dismantle as much furniture as you can and have all the boxes packed and ready to be loaded onto the van. 

If you are using a moving company they will get all the boxes from each room and load the van but if you are ready to go, this will make the move go so much smoother. 

10. Unpack at your own pace

You do not have to have everything unpacked and your house ready to go in a few days, a week or even a few months. 

You are allowed to unpack at your pace as this will really help to stop you from feeling overwhelmed. 

If you want to do this but you also don’t want to live surrounded by boxes, our house move storage Enfield will be a great help. You will be able to bring your boxes to one of our units and they will be kept there, safe and secure, until you are ready to go through them. 

Our house move storage Enfield is here to make your house move that little bit easier. 

We hope you have enjoyed our top tips for moving home. If you would like to know more about our house move storage Enfield, please call 02039 402 147 or get in touch today. 

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